Farnborough Air Show

Acorn will be present at this years Farnborough Air Show with our sister surface treatment companies, SGI and DEC.

We will be sharing a stand with Hauck Heat Treatment (formerly TTI group), who offer a variety of heat treatment services within the UK, across Europe and beyond

If you are attending, please come and discuss your treatment requirements with our team.

The group offers a wide range of surface treatments for aluminum, steel, and titanium alloys.

www.galvanoplastie.fr         www.dec-sa.fr          www.hauckht.com

Acorn Surface Technology
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We are a supplier of Specialist Surface Engineering process and our web site aspires to provide information on common themes, questions and technical issues our customers ask us about. We recognise that such information often becomes most useful when directly related to your own application or product so please do contact us, via the help line or directly to one of the team, and we will be happy to discuss and advise on any specific issues you may be interested in.

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By modifying the processing conditions a wide range of coating properties and charactersitics can be achieved, making anodising an ideal surface engineering technique for a wide range of applications.
Ion Vapour Deposition, is a physical Vacuum deposition process which is used to apply a pure Aluminium coating to various substrates, to improve the resistance to atmospheric and bi-metallic corrosion. 
Incorporating different processes on one component can extend the possible applications and optimise the performance of any item. Specialised masking and treatment methods can be used to achieve the best combination of coatings including anodising, vacuum treatments and wet paint systems. 


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